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Resolving Conflicts
through Mediation

Patricia White Mediation provides mediation services for individuals, families, neighbours, employees, employers and businesses. From workplace and contract disputes to family, boundary, party wall, land ownership, building and construction disputes, probate, and landlord-tenant disagreements.



Workplace Mediation

We provide mediation services for the workplace to resolve disputes in a peaceful and timely manner.  Disputes can escalate quickly if not resolved between coworkers, employers, and employees, allowing for a more productive and harmonious work environment.

Family & Neighbour Mediation

Family disputes can be difficult and emotionally charged. Disputes with neighbours can escalate quickly causing costly consequences, particularly where property is concerned. We provide a safe, supportive and neutral environment to help resolve conflicts and reach a resolution that works for everyone involved.

Business Mediation

Our business mediation services offer a cost-effective and an efficient alternative to litigation. Disputes between businesses. can include contract issues, partnership, and shareholder disagreements. It can be difficult dealing with customer/client disputes. Mediation can quickly resolve matters, to resume business activities.


Patricia White has over 30 years business experience and over 23 years in solicitor practise in civil and employment litigation. Patricia's conduct of litigation in various civil matters, including probate, partnership and commercial disputes, has placed her in a number of client party roles going through the mediation process. In addition to conducting litigation, Patricia is also a qualified civil advocate representing clients in trial advocacy.


Patricia is registered with the Civil Mediation Council and International Mediation Institute and delivers civil and commercial mediation services internationally and across the UK, either in person, via telephone or video link.

Patricia is a highly trained professional with many years of experience in helping individuals, families, and businesses resolve conflicts and disputes. Patricia is tenacious in her drive to secure positive outcomes.  Her skills have been described as phenomenal due to her intuitive and intellectual abilities to quickly formulate a line of questioning of the facts. Patricia wastes no time in getting to grips with the issues with her thorough analytical assessment of information, and extracting information from the parties. These are skills, Patricia attributes to having developed and perfected over her many years of preparing cross examination in court proceedings.  


Patricia puts the parties at ease with her confidence gained from her work and life's experience, and although renowned for her Yorkshire direct approach, at the same time she adapts her style to match the needs of the parties and the type of dispute. Patricia fully understands business and accounting from her own experience which she draws upon when mediating with business disputes. Patricia commits to providing a safe and neutral environment, where she demonstrates her empathy in all situations, equally for all parties involved, and strives to find solutions that work for everyone.


Please see Privacy Policy and Complaints Policy here.

Professional Indemnity cover is in place up to £2million.


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Our Registered Office is at Tower House Business Centre Fishergate York, YO10 4UA. England, UK.

For more information on our mediation services, or to schedule a consultation, please fill out the form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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